The WoundWatch® assessment and treatment system consists of

  1. Wound dressing: A well perforated electrode-containing substrate to be placed between the wound and the absorbing primary dressings.
    Wound patch with electrodes
  1. Measurement and treatment unit: The small-in-size wound measurement and treatment unit is connected to the electrode containing wound dressing. The unit conducts the bioimpedance scanning of the wound area with the help of the electrodes and wirelessly transmits the data into a tablet computer for further analysis and visualization. The unit also provides self-adjustable periodical low intensity direct current (LIDC) stimulation for support of the healing process.
    Electrostimulation unit
  1. Measurement and analysis software: The software is installed into a tablet computer, in which the wound status is assessed, and the measurement outcome is visualized.
    Wound status measurement unit

The system has been clinically tested at Tampere University Hospital on patients with chronic venous ulcers. The bioimpedance scanning functionality was found to accurately depict actual changes in wound status.

The possibility to minimize the need for dressing-removal and visual inspection as a follow-up procedure allows for significant cost-savings and reduced discomfort for patients.

The product concept is now in a finalizing-stage, with details regarding system-components being adjusted to suit better for mass-manufacturing processes, after which application for CE-marking will commence.

The visualization of the wound scanning results

The visualization of the wound scanning results
The visualization of the wound scanning results. The software analyses the wound scanning results and provides a visual summary. More detailed results and parameters are easily available for a closer look. Unpublished results of the clinical trial (as of 2018).