The MC Patch Treatment System

Wound patch with electrodes

Electrostimulation unit

Wound status measurement unit

MC Patch treatment system consists of four parts:

1. Wound patch, a thin electrode-containing foil placed between a wound and dressings.

2. An autonomous electrostimulation pod, attached to the patch, providing pulsed LIDC stimulation to the wound area.

3. The wound status measurement unit which is attached to the foil. The unit also contains wireless transmitter sending the data into the bio-impedance reader unit.

4. Measurement and analysis software installed in handheld bio-impedance reader unit, the wound status is assessed, and the measurement outcome is displayed.

The system has been clinically tested at Tampere University Hospital on patients with chronic lower-limb ulcers. The mapping functionality was found to accurately depict actual changes in wound status. The possibility to minimise the need for dressing-removal and visual inspection as a follow-up procedure allows for significant cost-savings and reduced discomfort for patients.

The product concept is now in finalising-stage, with details regarding system-components being adjusted to better suit mass-manufacturing, after which application for CE-marking will commence.